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ETC serves as a support system for Christian home educators who strive to prayerfully disciple our own children as the Lord directs us and in a manner that takes into account the dynamics of our individual families, our unique gifts and talents, our personal convictions, our children’s strengths and weaknesses, and our goals for which we aim to train our children.  We are those children! And how blessed we are to have parents who have chosen the path of God-lead home learning!

We stand on:

Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! Deut. 32:2-4

The best part is not only can our parents teach and speak encouraging words, but so can we as youth and children of God!

The creators of this blog hope to provide a support system and outreach for the youth of ETC and homeschoolers alike. Here you will see pages of events from ETC, websites directed for teens/Christians/ & homeschooling, contacts for the ETC group, and pictures of our activities. All out posts will be uplifting and encouraging to our fellow homeschooled teens. Please feel free to check out all our pages and comment on our posts. We do ask that your comments be nice and clean, we are always up for a good discussion and want to encourage you, however be POLITE!

Thank you!

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Poetry Out Loud Competition

Recently, ETC youth members (including me) competed in the Poetry Out Loud competition. Poetry Out Loud “encourages the nation’s youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.” ( http://www.poetryoutloud.org.) The way the Poetry Out Loud competition works is “Poetry Out Loud uses a pyramid structure that starts at the classroom level. Winners advance to a school-wide competition, then to a regional and/or state competition, and ultimately to the National Finals.”
As homeschoolers, we competed at the Rogers Public Library. There were four judges including Curtis Harrell, Sabrina Chesne, Mary Ameigh and Mark Prime. The contestants included ETC youth members Levi Knight, Rachel Tillman, Brooke Johnson, Dante Bell, and Ammarie Grassle, as well as local homeschooler, Alexandra Rouw.
Most of the contestants were not born with skill in poetry recitation, which is why we took a class involving group tutoring. The class was taught by Jenee’ Grassle and it was not just memorizing our poems; that was not even half of it. Most of the time we were learning how to project our voices, how to pronounce all of the words, how to put passion into our poems, and when to use which tone, plus a whole lot more. When it came down to the competition we were all nervous. We all did well, but Ammarie Grassle came out as the winner. She will represent Northwest Arkansas homeschoolers at the state competition in Little Rock on March 3.
So now that you know that Poetry Out Loud is so cool, maybe you will try it too. Then you will write a blog post about it, and then some more people will try it. And, well, then everyone in the whole world will be competing in Poetry Out Loud. Then everyone will like poetry as much as I do.
By Levi Knight